Our Story


Herbie Frogg is internationally acclaimed as the visionary brand who spearheaded the arrival of Italian luxury menswear to the UK over 50 years ago.

Geoffrey Klass could be described as a pioneer in his field, founding Herbie Frogg in 1969 in Mayfair and opening five stores in London’s Jermyn Street, Bond Street and Knightsbridge.  Brand recognition has always been a big part of Herbie Frogg right down to the distinctive name and logo, attracting a domestic and global business base for a discerning high worth clientele.

Today Herbie Frogg continues to break new ground with the brand being stocked in the top menswear stores across the UK and Ireland.  With menswear becoming stale and predictable Herbie Frogg wanted to inject something fresh and saw a gap in the market to bring this affordable but upmarket brand to the key retailers.

Herbie Frogg is the iconic signature brand highlighting a popular tailored and seasonal wardrobe to appeal to young men who are forging their path to success wanting to look good and feel great in the workplace and on the social scene.

Style is when everything you wear just fits.